Futuristic Story

The Futuristic Story

It is the year 2061 and the U.S.A. is in chaos. Mounting federal debts and an internal breakdown in law and order have brought us to this point. Alaska has been sold to Russia and Hawaii has been sold to Japan to satisfy a huge national debt arising from loose spending and poor fiscal control by the federal government. All nuclear and satellite defenses have been neutralized by new military technologies. New technologies have also eliminated the threat of attack by sea. The world is at peace, but internal conflict within the USA is imminent.

Over the past 60 years the federal government has acted irrationally. This has caused unease, upheaval, and anger among all Americans. Natural disasters have caused further upheaval. As a result, the moral and social fabric of the country is in tatters. The religious and opportunistic spirit of the nation also has declined. But Americans still have hope. Americans still have something to fight for, something deep within each of them.

Some of the 48 states have developed well-organized militias to protect their values, while other states have formed strategic alliances to protect theirs. Other states remain neutral. Many people from once populous states have moved to neutral states to try to redefine their beliefs and move away from dominant militias. The organized militias have far-left liberal values, far-right conservative values, and all values in-between. Generals of the now weak U.S. armed forces have stationed most of their men in Washington D.C. to wait for the President and Congress to show leadership and decide on the future of America. They have also stationed a few men haphazardly across the U.S.A.

In April 2061 the south rises again as the New South Militia and begins the Second American Civil War. Their idealistic fervor attracts people in other states. They secede from the U.S.A. and begin the fight to determine who will build a new America.

What does the future hold for America? Who will step forward and fight for what they believe? What are your values? Do you have what it takes?